Friday, March 4, 2011


Be conservative.

This is the mantra for goalies whenever they venture from the friendly confines of the crease to play the puck. In other words, play the biscuit like, say, Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh - conservatively. You only make a stick-play on the puck if you are certain you can do so without risking letting in goal. If you can be a "third" defenseman, wonderful, but always play it safe.

On Thursday night, two goalies got burned. The Wings' springer spaniel Joey MacDonald and Ryan Miller.

Miller (see above clip) made an okay play wristing it around the boards but he didn't fire it high or hard enough, nor did he return to the net quickly enough. These errors cost him a goal.

Joey Mac (see below clip) miscalculated and would have been better off poking the puck to the corner. His attempted clear ended up as a pass to Marleau.

The lesson: When it comes to netminding, leave the "Risky Business" to Tom Cruise. If you do so, there's a better chance you will end up like Charlie Sheen -- that is, WINNING!

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