Thursday, March 17, 2011


A year ago, Ray Emery had surgery in which doctors took bone out of his tibia and implanted it into the ball of his right hip to regenerate bone in his troubled pelvis. Emery spent an entire month last spring on bed rest.

Doctors didn't know if the 28-year-old 'tender would ever walk again without a limp, let alone play goalie (the pounding goalies place on hips and knees is considered the most demanding in all of sports). Emery's condition, in fact, was the same one that tragically ended Bo Jackson's athletic career. "Usually when you have this type of thing done, they just want you to walk again," Emery, signed by Anaheim last month, has said.

But in his first post-surgery start back on Wednesday night against the St. Louis Blues, Emery's butterfly was fast and efficient. He possibly looks better than before (all his off-ice training and rehab looks to have made him even faster).

Cheers to Emery. Cheers to modern medicine. And to all athletes trying to come back from serious injury: Emery should be an inspiration.

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  1. Any chance of finding out what his off ice training and rehab consisted of?