Monday, August 15, 2011


We all have our obsessions. Mine just so happen to include The Office, those tasty Starbucks breakfast wraps, the preciousness of our short lives, funny people, celebs, hockey (obviously) and "Jesus Saves" images.

I mean, a good "Jesus Saves" image featuring a puck-stopper doing his deed for God just gives the whole stopping da puck effort a higher purpose.

But, much like the infamous "Baby Jesus" debate in "Talladega Nights," these Jesuses stir controversy: Thus thou must beseech thee: Which Jesus stops da puck best?

We break it down:

Not every holy man can pull off the color baby blue. But this Jesus does just that with His Penguins-esque trim coloring on the equipment. Plus, the way he makes His butterfly save with such Renaissance flair, leaves us bowing at His feet. Another nice touch: Note the mischievous secret message on His stick handle. Naughty Jesus, indeed!

First of all, any goalie who plays without a mask is a God. Second of all, we are big fans of any rendering that artistically resembles an old Scooby Doo cartoon. Thirdly, love this prayerful team logo. We praise this Jesus!

Sources tell us that people two-thousand years ago didn't know the benefits of stretching. For that reason alone, this Jesus doing the splits is a righteous winner!

Not the most impressive Jesus we've seen, but, man, check out that hair flow!

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  1. god dammit where is my Jesus saves and Gretzky scores on the rebound poster already?