Friday, October 28, 2011

ILYA BRYZGALOV MELTS DOWN: "I can't stop da puck!"

"I'm a terrible goalie."

"I have zero confidence."

"I can't stop da puck."

When I first heard Ilya Bryzgalov's post-game comments after Philly's 9-8 loss to Winnipeg, I had two thoughts:

1) I would hate to be a Flyers player hoping my goalie (the most important player on the ice) will boost our team with confidence. I'd imagine that the Philly players felt the same way the passengers felt when the stewardess in the movie "Airplane" asked, "Does anyone know how to fly a plane?"

2) Ilya, please feel free to pay us here at Stop Da Puck a licensing fee for stealing our "stop da puck" phrase (which we actually stole from Evgeni Nabokov).

We will donate it all to the Confidence-Challenged Goalies Fund.

Now, Ilya, please just go and STOP DA PUCK!!!

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